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A Deathly Exchange
A Deathly Exchange
“Ugh, Mom, you’ve been saying we’re almost there for hours, and the Smithers still won’t answer. What kind of name is ‘Smithers’ anyway?” I grumbled as I tried to shift into a more comfortable position. The seatbelt apparently had something against comfort as it kept biting into my neck like some sort of vampiric torture device.
“Quit moaning, Bri, it’s on the next street over.” Mom sighed, and I felt instantly guilty. She organized this house switch as a surprise for me after Grandma was admitted to a nursing home, effectively ruining my summers. In previous summers, as soon as school let out, I would fly out to my grandma’s house by the beach and stay with her until three days before the new school year. The worst part wasn’t missing the endless days at the beach; it was that the Grandma I knew and loved was gone, and in her place was a frail, almost child-like shadow of the strong and compassi
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Self-Portrait by Str8EdgeAng3l Self-Portrait :iconstr8edgeang3l:Str8EdgeAng3l 2 1 St. Patrick's Day Parade by Str8EdgeAng3l St. Patrick's Day Parade :iconstr8edgeang3l:Str8EdgeAng3l 1 6 Girl by Str8EdgeAng3l Girl :iconstr8edgeang3l:Str8EdgeAng3l 1 3 Request for OwenJM by Str8EdgeAng3l Request for OwenJM :iconstr8edgeang3l:Str8EdgeAng3l 2 7 River Girl by Str8EdgeAng3l River Girl :iconstr8edgeang3l:Str8EdgeAng3l 3 25 Come Home to Me by Str8EdgeAng3l Come Home to Me :iconstr8edgeang3l:Str8EdgeAng3l 1 34
Wake Up
Tear the tension,
On the surface of the pond.
Give rapt attention,
To the lies that dissolve.
Burst into the air,
Clean and naked.
Become bare,
Give away your secrets.
Hello there,
I've ne'er met you before.
Take care,
Old self, I will see you no more.
Examine your being,
Are you who you are?
It's time to start seeing,
Don't look to the stars.
Embrace the truth,
If you don't you'll die.
Lying is not uncouth,
In this land beneath the sky.
So stay strong,
And keep from your disguise.
Sing a new song,
And far away will be your demise.
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We Dance Among Dreams
Have you ever gone walking,
Walking in the dreamlands?
Have you ever stopped talking,
Stopped talking and listened?
I think that you might find,
That if you leave this world behind,
You will find a land that fades and glistens.
This land, my friend, flows with nectar,
Its leafy trees are always changing shade,
Life there is paradise, as long as you don't go to the other sector.
There is another land filled with misery and fear,
In this land I lost someone close,
In this land she is now a ghost,
So heed my warning and listen here.
Eons and eons and eons ago, or perhaps 'twas yesterday,
With my sister I danced in the dreamlands,
With my sister I danced that day.
Lina and I, we ran through meadows of gold,
Lina and I, we climbed up silver trees,
Lina and I, we ventured over white sparkling seas,
But 'twas only Lina, who journeyed to the land of cold.
"Come, dear Constance! Please, have no fear,
Look at these gleaming shadows of ebony,"
"No sweet sister, you know we cannot venture there,"
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The Curse of the Dreamer
What's it like,
Being pulled into a dream?
'Twas so weird,
It used to seem.
Now I know,
I can't get out.
It's not real;
No one hears my shout.
Heaven's quaint,
But I long for more.
Can't I live,
With the evils in store?
I'm in deep,
I won't ever return,
I won't feel,
Life's candle burn
If I don't,
I shall not survive.
I will drown,
And forget what it's like,
to be alive.
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Frost Phoenix
I am an frost Phoenix,
Born from ice, only to burst into flames.
Living, breathing, dying, lying,
Oh, can't you see how hard I'm trying?
The nights dissolve my mind,
During day it threatens to burst at it's bind.
Ne'er can I have the peace of eternity,
Never feel the calm of a babe inside a figure of maternity.
My shadow always saves my reflection,
My light offers the darkness last minute protection.
Their intent may be to save me,
All that results is this pain infinitely.
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How do you change the world?
Is it with shiny new guns,
Or with words of old?
How do you change the world?
Is it with force and violence,
Or is it with ideas, spoken to ward away the silence?
Do you use aggression and pain,
Or creativity and cures for the lame?
How do you change the world?
Will it be with acts of cruel "bravery" that you will leave your mark?
Or will it be through the arts that you will cry out your very own "Hark!''?
Imagine with me,
For just five minutes please,
The world after you have gone,
Don't be blinded by your mind's con.
How will you leave the world?
Will it be full of incomplete families crying for those whose lives you stole?
Or will it be beautiful and teaming with love that seals that empty hole?
Please, sir! Just a minute!
What about you ma'am?
Can't you see, I'm not begging for money,
Just for the lives of the children you call "Honey".
Take heed, listen to me now,
And maybe you will see how,
Even through all the despair and cold,
That you too, can chan
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The Struggles of the Heart
Locked in a box in the middle of a war between depression and suicide, and hope and life. The spirits throw themselves at each other, only to rub off on me. Though happiness rains down upon my shapeless form, despair twists around me, enveloping me in chilling darkness. The perpetual struggle continues tormenting my trapped soul, until one day darkness conquers my bloodied heart. For even when the light manages to banish the dark, it can never defeat the evil. Never can the light unlock me from my prison, only darkness possesses the key. 
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Guess Who?
This man needs no introduction; his persona is known to all. If you see his sweeping black cloak, you will at once feel a chill slink down your back like a gruesome arachnid. However, it isn't the outfit that makes him so famous, it's the mask that spews one of the most well known quotes of all time. This helmet gleams with the shine of an ebony mirror that can reflect your horrified, paralyzed face. You will find yourself staring into his gleaming, fiery eyes. This felon's mask sports the most intense gaze you will ever come across. If you find yourself subject to this scrutiny, you will feel the smoldering vehemence that no doubt accompanies such a sinister glare, scorching your body. You will not have the ability to focus on these vile embers long, for your attention will spring to the metallic hood-like outer structure of this cunning ensemble. With pigmentation as dark and mysterious as ink, you can't help but speculate as to what lies concealed beneath. Once again, your focus wil
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Blind Devotion
Alone in this world, no longer with a fight or will.
Without hope, despair conquers every soul.
Without love, loneliness defeats the heart.
Wander the monotonous plains, cold, tired, and hungry.
A single faded mark on a fouled parchment.
The more you are overlooked, the harder you are to see.
Until an eagle spots you, and grasps you in it's beak.
You soar through the open air, the sun staining your skin.
Your joy can only be matched by that of your savior.
One day, you are dropped.
During your rapid descent to the morgue, your heart gets ripped from your chest.
You collapse in a heap of despair, seemingly never to be found again.
You feel something twitch one million miles away.
The feeling of safety and bliss washes over you.
Something is nurturing a part of you long forgotten.
You take an eternity to ponder what you are feeling.
It is your heart.
Someone has found you.
:iconstr8edgeang3l:Str8EdgeAng3l 3 3
Welcome to my Psycho Life II by Str8EdgeAng3l Welcome to my Psycho Life II :iconstr8edgeang3l:Str8EdgeAng3l 1 17


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